I am a South African writer of literary fiction based in Berlin, Germany. I have been living in Berlin, Germany, for 11 years.


Previous publishing credits: Till We Can Keep an Animal (Jacana 2008) Winner of the European Union Literary Award (now the Dinaane Award for Debut Fiction) Shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writers' Prize best first book Africa 2009.


Till We Can Keep an Animal gained the attention of various academic institutions, as its topic of gender violence in post-apartheid South Africa proved integral to their discussions and/or theses.


Example: Daniela Hrzán, Humboldt University: Post-colonial Justice, ASNAL and GAST joint conference in Potsdam and Berlin: Topic of Ms. Hrzán's discussion. “Is there justice for women? Gendered and Sexual Violence in South Africa and their negotiation in Megan Voysey Braig's Till We Can Keep an Animal.”


Till We Can Keep an Animal appears in the following publication: The African Book Publishing Record (De Gruyter)


Short stories and poetry: Itch magazine, Wordsetc, Women in and Beyond the Global- The director of Women's Studies and Associate English Professor at George Washington University, Daniel Moshenberg invited me to contribute to the forum.


Recent Publications: The Unbearable Machine. 2018.

                                        A clockwork hope: An illustrated companion to surviving 

                                                the Anthropocene. 2019

For Children: Harriet and Wilma go to the Moon. 2018.

                            Grizella Flies Away. 2018.

                            Pidge and the opera singer. 2019.

                            A pufferfish goes to the deep. 2019

                            Three birds and an Archaeopteryx. 2019